Bible Trivia: Conned by a Woman

By jeivreyes 3 years ago

There are several times the Bible told a story about a person tricking someone. The most popular ones were the family of Jacob. From his grand father Abraham, father Isaac and mother Rebekah, to his uncle Laban. The tradition continued. But there were also not-so-famous acts of “April fool’s Day” […]

Bible Trivia: Cushite Woman

By jeivreyes 3 years ago

According to the vast internet, Cushites (later called Ethiopians) were a group of dark-skinned people that are originally indigenous from North Africa. Midianites in the Bible are also dark-skinned tribe in which originated in Northwest Arabian Peninsula. Also according to the Bible, Moses travelled far from Egypt and stranded near […]

The Traits of Hadassah

By jeivreyes 3 years ago

This is the story of a girl named Hadassah who lost both her parents at a very young age. She did not have a mother-figure who can teach her how to act like a fine young woman. But thanks to her cousin, who adopted her and took her as his own daughter, Hadassah had a little father-figure that taught her the ways of God throughout her childhood. And this young innocent girl became a great woman of character.

Let us find out how Hadassah is People Just Like You.

Bible Trivia: Three Cursed Names of Israel

By jeivreyes 3 years ago

The life of Hosea and Gomer had been a diverse or rather weird love-story in the Bible because of how God “commanded” Hosea to marry a promiscuous woman (harlot, whore, prostitute) just to prove His point about how He accepts the Israelites despite their prostitutions to other gods.

Yet, the scriptures tell us about the hatred God had with Gomer’s offspring because they were made from the one thing He hate the most: cheating.

Bible Trivia: The Root of Exodus

By jeivreyes 3 years ago

The Israelites were the descendant of Abraham to whom God promised to be the father of a great nation. But the question is, how did the Israelites ended up in the land of Egypt? What the Exodus has to do with Laban out of all people?

Let us find out more about the traces and footprints of this historical figures back in roots of the Exodus.

Bible Trivia: Ten-Generation Ban

By jeivreyes 3 years ago

According to the Bible, the Moabites didn’t help the Israelites when they came out of Egypt. They opposed the Israelite invasion of Canaan. As a consequence, the law excluded any descendant of a Moabite to join Israel, down to the tenth generation. If they couldn’t even join the community, how could one of them serve as a king?

The Intentions of Cain

By jeivreyes 4 years ago

When someone talks about Cain in the bible, they tend to talk about his jealousy towards his brother Abel, that lead to killing his own blood. But what deeper meaning is hidden from this story of envy in the arc of Genesis? Is there a connection about what this young man’s feelings towards his brother reflect on our own battles?

Let us find out how Cain is People Just Like You.

Bible Trivia: Strength of Samson

By jeivreyes 4 years ago

Samson. Long hair. Supernatural strength. Lion and honey. Donkey’s jawbone. Gates. Delilah. Haircut. Temple Crash. Man

If we talk about this great man of the Bible, most of these keywords come to mind. By this, we can easily determine that Samson’s strength came from his hair. Well, his hair was the last source of his ability to kill enemies. Let’s find out why.