The Traits of Hadassah

By jeivreyes 3 years ago

This is the story of a girl named Hadassah who lost both her parents at a very young age. She did not have a mother-figure who can teach her how to act like a fine young woman. But thanks to her cousin, who adopted her and took her as his own daughter, Hadassah had a little father-figure that taught her the ways of God throughout her childhood. And this young innocent girl became a great woman of character.

Let us find out how Hadassah is People Just Like You.

The Intentions of Cain

By jeivreyes 3 years ago

When someone talks about Cain in the bible, they tend to talk about his jealousy towards his brother Abel, that lead to killing his own blood. But what deeper meaning is hidden from this story of envy in the arc of Genesis? Is there a connection about what this young man’s feelings towards his brother reflect on our own battles?

Let us find out how Cain is People Just Like You.