The Schemes of Laban

By jeivreyes 2 weeks ago

Laban is a trickster. At least that’s what people call him. He tricked Jacob one too many times and made the Exodus take shape. This man, even though we could not see it now, is a history-maker. In this episode, we will see the cause and impact of what Laban has done with the people of Israel.

The Intentions of Cain

By jeivreyes 1 month ago

When someone talks about Cain in the bible, they tend to talk about his jealousy towards his brother Abel, that lead to killing his own blood. But what deeper meaning is hidden from this story of envy in the arc of Genesis? Is there a connection about what this young man’s feelings towards his brother reflect on our own battles?

Let us find out how Cain is People Just Like You.