You saved her

Do you remember the girl you saw with her quiet soul and innocent eyes?

Were you aware that inside her hid a thousand voices that shut her up?

Did you see what are the lies before her tender smiles?

Would you know how she felt at night in her sleep and how she handled it?

Does her laugh prove her joy?

Were you informed on how other people’s words affected her life?

Even so, you heard her tiny cries.

You made her realize it’s not her own problem to solve but a challenge to overcome.

For you, it was a normal conversation, but it meant the world to her.

You told her what she needed to hear and how she had to know.

The flood of tears was replaced with waves of laughter.

You took her pain away and made a path for her to start again.

It is not a coincidence that you are made for her. It was your choice.

You wouldn’t know how you saved her from herself.

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