You Cannot Turn Back Time

It is true after all. You cannot turn back time. Chances pass by real quick. Grab the opportunity and fix while you still can.

In a short period of time, things could go wrong. There are chances that, if we didn’t do something on the exact time we should have done it, the latter results may vary. Maybe it’s for the best or unfortunately for the worst.

Last week was a blurry situation. Tuesday morning, I should do something for a family member. I need to pay something before a five day notice. Thursday or Friday I should have gone back and give the money, but no. What did I di? Well, I forgot everything about it until last minute. This morning, I went back just to hear that I was too late and there is nothing they can do now.

I learned my lesson. When I took responsibility of something, I should take the responsibility seriously. Maybe a reminder could work for me.

If you can grab the opportunity, take it as fast as you can. If not, it will just be plain regret.

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