You Cannot Be Everything to Someone

People wants acceptance. We seek attention. Sometimes, we change ourselves and accept what we are not. Which is not half as bad if you ask me, but as an individual we like to be somebody to someone.

If you have to change for someone, you should at least do it right. Do it for the better. For you and that person. You cannot be everything they want you to be. There is no perfect girlfriend or boyfriend. You are different individuals who happened to cross paths. There is no bad thing from compromising. Keep your standards high, but do not limit yourself from an invented character.

My ideal man was at least someone older than me, more matured and is sweet. Though I got everything I wanted, almost, the sweet part was not found on the list. Well, at least I know he’s not perfect and that’s what I am looking for.

I do not consider myself a complete package. You can have me but there will always be a catch. I won’t be 100% your ideal girl, not even close. But I can be somebody that you will eventually like in the long run.

Be a better person. Make a version of yourself who you can be proud of. Let go of insecurities. You’re better off without them. Love always wins.

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