Wrong Choices

What if you are riding in a path you chose but regret it in the long run? Will you go back and start a new route or continue the ride until you reach your crossroad?

The best road to go through this dilemma is to push your way to the end then try to continue with the experience you learned on the way. Learn to say NO as an answer and do not be afraid to accept your weaknesses. Do not be a hypocrite and a know-it-all because no one is perfect and always dependable.

I have been into too many wrong choices in my life. But since I love the experiences and lessons life gives me, I chose to surpass the challenges and continue on with my life. I didn’t want anyone to tell me what to do or not to do because I need to experience it myself. My instinct is to know if the choices I made can fully affect what I was planning to achieve.

There was one time I fell and didn’t come back up.

After school last year, we went to the Philippines to have a vacation we anticipated before I graduate (if I pass my exams). When we got back here in Italy, I took several job interviews and I didn’t get them. I have been disappointed and discourage to continue. For a year, I had no job or anything else to do.

After a while, I decided to start my blog AGAIN. So I wrote every day up until today. My chain was broken this August because I had my vacation for a week. But that did not count because I can still write the next week after my holiday.

Now, I have to find a decent job and be more responsible for my life because soon enough I won’t be dependent on my parents and live on my own money and sweat and hard work. Because that is what life is about. The real world is a real deal. You have to be smart enough to survive.

In conclusion, wrong choices should not affect your life in total. Because every choices you make leads you to another opportunity to get better and be the best version of yourself. Time will come and it will be yours. The talent, the spotlight, the wish you once had. Just be patient and accept your reality. Then do better.

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