Writer’s Block

What do I do when I have a writer’s block?

There are several times when I do not have something to write or I just don’t feel like writing for the night. For someone who writes daily, I do not promise myself that I have fresh ideas in-store to present on my blog. But as a blogger, I do have alternatives.

Here is a list of my daily topics:
– Daily Activities/Journal
– Book Story (Living the Past)
– Random Reviews (books, movies, anime, products, etc)
– Photography and Videography
– Random Videos from Facebook or Youtube

Today, I do not wish to write something about my day because since I started working, it became a regular activity. Sometimes it’s boring but sometimes it makes my day complete. I always talk to strangers anyway.

I love what I do and I hope it loves me too.

Random posts on my #dailyjournal

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