Words That Hurt

Most arguments occur inside the family. Quarrels between siblings. Husbands and wives. Parents and children. Friends. It hurts more than a fight with a stranger.

But, what if you are caught in the crossfire of another family? Will you try to extinguish it or let it burn?

For example, your friend’s mother is quite the narrow minded and she keeps on complaining how life is making her suffer. Even if it is not a big deal, she is making it harder for herself and for other people. The friend, on the other hand, is bossy and rather direct. What they say must be done without compromise.

If the mother complains about her offspring, she is a bad mother. And when the son answers, he is the bad one.

My question is, what if you heard something you are not supposed to? A complain that can change what your friend thinks about their mother. Do you tell them or shut up and make them solve their own problem?

Even if you know that your friend knows their mother so well that it won’t surprise them anymore. Do you have the right to pass the message and hurt them more than they deserve? Or do you have to comfort the mother who feels the pain?

(Any familiar details on this blog is entirely coincidental. I accept any comments and complaints. Thanks.)

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