Wide Range and Contrast

On the way home early this morning, something caught my eyes. Tiny dots near my footprints. I realize it was a bird’s print. So I took a photo and head home.

I was editing the photo I captured earlier when I saw that there were three sets of prints on the ground. One is a human’s, the other is a bird’s and the other were paws. Deeper steps, shorter gap and larger in quantity. You can almost see it happy, wagging his tail and continuing what he has started.

Those group of prints didn’t happen at the same time, though. Everybody else walked through that path over and over, but the recent ones are more visible than the last. We choose the path we walk through and who we walk with. There’s a wide range of possibilities out there to grasp, a contrast we cannot avoid. Yet it doesn’t matter who or what we go through as long as we’re happy about it.

Don’t be afraid to be different. Just be yourself and everyone else will learn to appreciate and love what you do. As long as you won’t hurt others, continue to walk with style.

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