Why I started Photography

I didn’t plan to be a Photographer. No, I didn’t want to be one.

Elementary. My fifth-grade teacher told me to enter Photojournalism. I didn’t have the guts to say no so I took my grandpa’s film camera and went for the school division Journalism contest (I don’t even remember what camera I used). I won the first place without any background experience in Photography.

After that experience, I thought I was a pro photographer. The top three contestants of the school division need to compete for the Provincial. I didn’t win. There goes my ambition.

When the hotness of the competition subsided, I forget about the experience and live my life without a trace of photo cameras. I didn’t even think about competing again in the future.

Back to the present.

Six years ago, in 2013, I flew from the Philippines to Italy. A year after, a friend of my sister asked me to take a photo of her daughter’s birthday party. She told me that she will pay for it. I was scared because I didn’t have any contact with any type of Photography for six years. Let alone for Event Photography.

Since I couldn’t say no, I took my friend’s (now my bf) camera and prayed I could kill this shot and get a career of my own.

*The DSLR I used was a Sony a77 model with Tamron zoom lens.*

The photos went out wrong. My settings were extremely incorrect. Faces are all over the place. Blurry. Basura. (trash in English)

I took my chances and sent the photos to my former client. She asked if I have other photos to send her. I said no, and that they are the only ones I have. She didn’t reply. I knew then that I was screwed.

No one paid me one cent.

That pushed me to be a better photographer. I searched for my own style. It encouraged me to be more curious about Photography. A passion I didn’t expect I would enjoy.

My Photography journey continued up to this date and I am continuing to pursue more experiences about this career.

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