Why I Love Green

When I was young, my favourite colour was red. Everything changed when I was a teenager. I was curious about the colour that nobody wanted. It was a mystery for me that it grew on me and now I am stuck with the love I have for the shades of nature.

Green, at least for me, represents life, hope and safety. It is the color of youth. Though it has other meaning such as envy and jealousy, that is merely a coincidence.

I preferred my hangers green. When I shop for bath accessories, I still take everything that is green. And if I look outside and see the leaves, I could be the happiest. It may also mean spring. The newness of everything. It represents the birth of new beginnings. Still, I love autumn (which is the complete opposite of blossom season).

I am happy that I found out what my favourite colour is. At least in that area, I decided for myself and didn’t look for the approval of anyone. Anyways, green is a cool colour. It is easily visible to the eyes because of its strong pigment. And it is also a colour for safe passage. Admit it, when you see the green light on the street, you are very happy.

Small things matter.

Go for the green.

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