Why do we sacrifice for love?

A little experience made me question one thing: why do we sacrifice everything for love?

I am not a fan of giving all I have for someone. It is not who I am. But when it comes to love, my mind refuses to team up with my heart.

Last year in August, I was going to the Philippines to take a four-week vacation. Two months earlier, I was still living with my two cats. I had a pretty bad argument with my father that brought me to take my pets away from home.

It was not the only reason but since that was my plan a long time ago, I made a big decision to raise them in my bf’s house. On that day of June 2018, I didn’t want to sleep at home. I went to my friend’s house and had an unexpected sleepover.

I was ready to sacrifice everything for them.

My time, my energy. It was all for them. At that moment, I didn’t mind getting scolded by my parents. As long as my cats live peacefully. Even though I won’t go to bed with the two puffs, I did it for their own good. They are happy where they are now. I get to visit them every day, except for Saturday, because we have a practice at church in the evening. They can run freely without anyone chasing them. My Manaw even climbs everywhere he can.

It was all I can do for the ones I love. But is that enough to be a sacrifice?

Comment down below what sacrifices did you do to your loved ones. I could also use those inspirations set as an example.

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