Why do we cry when we laugh?

Have you experienced laughing with your friends and your eyes started to shed tears?

I’ve felt it too many times. It is a pleasant feeling. I didn’t care about who hears or judge me. The moment is mine to keep.

But why do we cry when we laugh? There are some of my insane ideas and opinions:

  1. Since laughing is tiring your body, your inner organs sweat a lot so it gets out through your eyes.
  2. The tear becomes a way to blur out the funny man you saw to stop you from further damaging your body
  3. On the contrary of #2, the tears help you magnify things to see clearly.
  4. To remove toxic chemicals you inhale while you are laughing.
  5. You cry because you are silently hurting your hands by slapping your friends and your mind cannot handle the violence.

These are not accurate reasons to consider. And since emotions are connected to each other, some of the most unexpected mixes of effects may occur at one time.

For more information, just google it. I do not know the answer.

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