For end-o’da-week: Why do I Love Writing?

Why writing became a big part of me.

Writing is my passion ever since I was a little kid. I would write letters and simple essays just so I can remove the itch in my hands. The train of thoughts always come chugging its way through my head and knocking away the laziness in me. I don’t do many physical activities but my head would be running in circles.

But it didn’t start well. This is my story…

          Once upon a time, there was a little girl who spends a lot of her time reading and listening to stories. She didn’t have so many friends so her little story characters have come to life. But the story changes when she grew up a little. She told everyone she wanted to be a writer someday. 
          So she wrote in diaries and school essays and personal essays and even attempted to write a poem. 
Too many rough drafts. 
Buckets of sweat.
Train of thoughts.
So many ideas.
There was nothing more precious to her than those times.

          But, that’s not the problem. She swore to herself that she will write songs. She will be a songwriter. Yet, everyone laughs at her. Calling her names. 
“What are you, a writer?” 
“You’re just a kid. You call yourself an author?” 
“You don’t know what you are saying.” 
“Quit your dreams. No one is born a writer.” 
          Did she give up? Well, for a young girl digesting those words, all her dreams were shattered to pieces. All her hopes collapsed in her very hands. Her self-confidence became smaller than she could imagine. She stopped dreaming. 

        Years passed by. She continued to write with passion in her heart. But she didn’t attempt to become a songwriter anymore. She just wrote and wrote and wrote in her diaries.
Her everyday activities.
The experiences.
A lot of mishaps.
Truest friends. 
Big adventures. 

But not her dreams.

          She went to another place and left everything but her passion. The little girl, now in her teenage years, still has something to show the world. She managed to write a little more until she found the halt of her misfortunes. All her hopes are becoming clearer to her. She didn’t need the opinion of others to do what she wants. Her mind sets a proper principle for her to follow.
          She allowed herself to be as fragile and vulnerable as she could be. Then she started from square one and began writing again not just in secret diaries but for the whole world to see. Though she still has paths to conquer and obstacles to overcome, she feels safer than the little girl she once was.

And that’s the story I do love to go back again and again and again because that’s where it all started. If it wasn’t because of what I went through, nothing could inspire me most. I want to quote something though, “Love the process.” Because that’s where all the fun is.

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    1. Haha I hope so too! Soon.. Maybe it pars because I love reading famous books, too! I get ideas from my favorite books. Most especially the “The Book Thief”.

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