When You Thought Everything Falls Apart

One day you will realize that life is not as easy as you thought it could be. It is worse than the reality you have once lived. BUT it does not end there, because when you thought everything falls apart, that’s when miracles happen.

There are times I nearly give up because I lack faith. Not only on myself but in God. I am just too grateful because I have a boyfriend that can understand what I am going through. He is also an experienced worker and he can always give me GOOD advice when I’m in doubt. If it wasn’t because of him, I would have quit my job by now.

“The truth will set you free.”

This phrase is long since it has been first introduced in the world. It is written in the bible that everyone makes it as a life motto. If it is true, then I accept what is true and change for the better. Besides, there is nothing to lose while learning from your mistakes.

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