When was the Last Time

When was the last time you picked the wrong choice and suffered the consequence?

Later today, I went to a conference for a job club in the city centre. Since it started late, we needed to go home at seven in the evening. In a daily basis, I would go straight to my bf’s house to visit the cats. Since I have already seen them in the afternoon, I should go home. As I was going on with my journey, my bf and I were talking on the phone. My cat climbed up the roof, again. I could go there anytime I want because I am still outside but I’d rather not disturb everyone in the house late at night. When I was already walking along the park near my house after thirty minutes, I called my bf and asked if the cat climbed down. He said no.

I don’t know if my choice to go straight home was a good idea. The last time I did not trust my guts, I needed to redo my strategies and I was glad everything went according to plan. But it’s not every time I am lucky. One hour after the cat climbed up, I called to check if he was still there. I was on speaker and calling him by his name without actually seeing him was hurtful. There were faint replies from the speaker and I can tell he was talking to me. If he wouldn’t come down, I will go there and make him instead.

Our call was on hold. I contacted my sister if she was going home so that I could go out. After some time, my sister arrived and I was ready to go out. Miraculously, my bf called and told me the cat climbed down by himself and is now inside the house. Truthfully, I am grateful he went back inside. I could have risked my life in order to travel at night for at least an hour away.

“Anger does not solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything.”

“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”

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