When Anger is the Only Solution

It is hard to contain emotions, most especially when it comes to anger. The sensation takes over your body and it does what your mind is commanding.

I was much younger when I first experience a bad temper. Now that I am older and wiser, I have no idea of the reason why I was so angry. The worst thing happened that day. I took a good strong stick and smashed it above a glass-covered table. It shattered into many pieces and particles.

I then realize the consequence of my sudden reaction. The guilt is heavier than my anger. But back then, anger is the ONLY solution.

If you feel that everything you want is not what you get, accept them. Instead of being angry about something you are not in control of, be open to new possibilities. Enjoy life as much as you can because you only have one of it.

Please, do not let guilt overcome your sanity. Though you can learn from it, preventing is easier than curing. Have a nice day!

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