What To Say

Just as I hate to admit, you always know what to say.

Today was difficult. There were complicated things I could have misunderstood. It was almost hard for me to control my emotions. I’ve come up with long conversations in my head about an argument I’ll obviously can’t win. I hate disagreements. That’s why I am always the one to shut up. Cause if I shed tears, I lose.

Admitting I was wrong was the hardest thing to do. It was a trap. But I hate that I’m the only one taking the blame. I too was hurt. Not by hands but words.

Then it hit me hard. I cried. I don’t want the feeling of hatred taking over me. This was not what I lived for. It was only in my head. They were only voices. The bus arrived on time. I walked home with my hands searching for my phone.

Then you called. Your voice washed away the unfinished conversations in my head. It flushes the confusions. You know what to say. Without effort. I’m sorry.

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