What if Memories were Temporary?

What if memories were temporary? For instance, you won’t remember what happened yesterday. Does that mean you can have a fresh start every time?

Maybe then, the pain won’t come back again and again. Perhaps something good will grow in place of the bad. Instead of recalling the past, it’s always new. To begin again is to repeat the same feeling over and over. The same fate will still appear.
All worries will be erased and replaced quickly. Hate won’t even be necessary. Love will always be present and maybe, just maybe, we’ll fall in love constantly.
Hurt by anyone is possibly the worst part of the day but moving on is a piece-a’-cake. Even with the slightest sorrow will just be a nightmare of another day.
Coming back up is like standing as a new person every time. It won’t even bother you anymore because you don’t recall ever being fallen. You’ll see a scar but it’ll be just another birthmark to accept.

Same shit, different day.

Yet memories are deeply carved in our hearts
and nothing can take that away.

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