What I like about VSCO

My experience with VSCO…

First of all, VSCO is a photography app for iOS and Android devices. It allows users to capture photo from the app and edit them with presets and filters (film emulators) and publish them in a public journal.

I personally use it as an editor for my Photography Project 365 (photo-a-day project for a year). The idea started months after I got my Sony a6000. I wanted to be creative even with limited resources.

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But then, I realized VSCO is not JUST AN APP for photography. It is something more…

— Sample Photos I’ve filtered through VSCO —


— Pros of VSCO —

  • Easy to use features + portable
  • Decent exposure controls (contrast and exposure buttons are exquisite)
  • Elegant photo presents (you can also catch limited free edition presets in store)
  • Can edit similar photos with copy-paste button
  • The photo dimensions won’t drop after export
  • Their photo journal is “robbery-free-zone” (you can see for yourself)
  • Can save multiple photos with one click
  • a large community of Photographers (many good photographers to be inspired of) 


— Cons of VSCO —

  • Limited exposure control (exposure, highlights, and shadows button only goes upward)
  • No control for curves
  • Limited free filters/emulations (you need to buy photo presets for more features)
  • No automatic features (everything is manual)
  • Sometimes it crashes (maybe it’s just my phone but then I have to be honest)
  • The photo is stored in VSCO (more photo, more occupied phone space)


— Conclusion —

“Unless you try something, you won’t be able to know what you are missing.”

This is true for almost everything and I have proven it with VSCO. I thought I will have a decent photo editor but it gave me the ability to enhance my photography game even more. I would recommend this photo editor for photographers from beginner, intermediate to professionals.

Limitations can also be a good challenge and can level up your creative skills.

Let me hear your thoughts!