Youth in Banners: What are They Rallying For?

This morning, I went to Porta Palazzo (a market in Turin, Italy), to buy extra meat for a couple of weeks. I went there at 10 in the morning because I think it is more tranquil. On my way back home, I stumbled upon a train of people.

As I was walking into the wave of roaring young protesters, I ended up stranded on a dead-end. I waited a bunch of minutes before I can to the other side of the street. But before crossing over, I realized what was going on: young people rallying about the earth being destroyed and how it cries out for help. I even shot a video of their rants.

a clip from the rally this morning, September 27

At first, I thought it was cool and all because it is my first time to see a rally this lively and this long. Their banners tell interesting stories and catchy lines. Some of them are:

“This Planet is hotter than my Crush.”

“How dare you end our planet?”

“River Po is boiling, do you want some tea?”

“Go Green or Go Home.”

“The World is Waking Up.”

But do they live in what they are preaching about? Are people really capable of restoring the planet by doing the opposite? When I posted the video on my social media account (stunned), someone reacted badly about the situation. Then I realize the harsh truth. People do not change, even by culture. If they had the chance, they will break the rules. A photo has been around Instagram right after the people’s rally ended.

A pile of trash from a pile of trash. (CTO)

Does this portray humanity or hypocrisy? You judge.

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