What a Relief

Do you know the feeling when you overcame your fear? When your chest is liberated by knowing you can actually do what you are most afraid of. What a relief.

I am not a fan of talking “seriously” because of my jolly character. It is not my piece-of-cake to open up especially to my parents. We were not a good talker when I was a kid. Maybe that is why I did not develop being an open book. I was always a close one. The only one I can talk to was my diary. And I did not write everything on that piece of paper because I am still not comfortable telling what I really feel.

When I told them I was going to marry soon, it’s as if my chest was liberated. There were several possible responses I scripted in my mind and what they told me was far from my expectations. They were positive advice that led me to tears. And as the one who finally acted to decide what my future holds, I am relieved. They were supportive. I know they did not want me to go, yet. All they ever did was prepare me for this moment. And I am so grateful for that. But my decisions were final.

If I overcame my fear, you can too. Surround yourself with positive people and you could do better things in life. Be with supportive friends and families because at the end of the day, what makes you satisfied will make you happy. Fear is just an illusion that blocks you from new experiences.

Just remember to be patient and everything will come by.

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