We Lose Things


That’s how I would describe myself in one word. There’s a large bundle of clothes near my bed. My shoes are found anywhere. I didn’t say I’m proud of it but I’ve found out one thing.

This is a story of how I learned that losing is gaining. I realized that the most important things in life were insignificant unless you’re afraid to lose them.

I am the kind of person that denies having a problem. It was cold outside and I lost my winter gloves. I searched it for almost a week without anyone knowing. My mind tried to recall the last time I saw them. The only thing I remembered was that I put it in the bag. My memory was blank after that.

After so many failed attempts I’ve invested my time on, nothing happened. The worst thing was that I CLEANED MY BED, I SEARCHED MY FOUR BAGS (five times each) and I PUT MY SHOES ON THE RACK. I almost lost my mind.

Perhaps, that’s what I am supposed to do. Clean my room and breathe again. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get over soon.

My grandpa told me he saw it somewhere but was not sure. My hopes were up but my heart shatters because I was losing hope. I didn’t want to let go. I cried so hard, I feel bad about it already. That’s when I realize how special it was for me. It was the first thing I spent money on myself. I’ve invested my time and effort on it. Those were not a simple accessory for my hand. I chose on my own it.

When my grandpa showed me the exact gloves I’ve been searching for days, I was relieved. Its value became more important than the last time.

We lose things… That’s how life teaches us. It’s up to us how we handle the situation.

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