We Live in Different Worlds

Real world…
It doesn’t matter as long as you believe it’s true. When you saw a similar meaning in the real world and you believe you are meant to see it, that’s when the dream becomes a part of you.

I’m not a lucid dreamer. I dream every night without knowing it’s a dream. I consider them as my other life. I’ve seen so many dreams in my whole life. Some I remember by heart and some only in jitters and small details. But most of it, I forgot.

There were times when I see scary things like giants, monsters, ghosts and even I was falling from the sky. Some are the situations I’m not comfortable about like conscience dreams that can actually mess with my mind. They have different meaning and have diverse way to be interpreted.

One time, I was having trouble in real life and I’ve dreamt about giants chasing me in a big house. There were people I know and some that I can’t even remember. The meaning of giants may be interpreted as troubles bigger than us that we cannot overrun. Instead of facing them, we stay hidden.

There were dreams I’ve seen for more than one or two times consecutively.

One was a scary place: a big school with old high buildings and dark places. There were only stairs going up and down. There was nowhere to hold on to and in order to go up, you must be careful enough not to fall down. And running would be impossible. You’d be exhausted before moving an inch.

Then there were dreams I thought were so real. I hate it when I wake up and my dream was beautiful. It makes me want to sleep more. But when it was a painful dream, I’m so glad to get away from that nightmare.

I searched deeper meanings of my dreams and they could be a warning or even a sign that I was happy. They were all fun and games that I can revisit every night.

But I wonder, what if they were really true. What if we’re living in two completely distant realms? A parallel universe? Two worlds that synch with our minds and we’re just repeating the cycle of coming back to each other’s side?

My biggest regret would be not knowing.

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