We All Seek For Miracles

Miracles happen every day. Though people do not have control over them, they will occur in the right place at the right time.

There will always be trials and persecutions on the way. It is yet a normal phase to peace. You can suffer and still learn from it now. Miracles won’t exist without them, anyway.

I would have never dreamed of this day. My wishes come true one by one. A desire that still grows by the minute. It was an ambition I longed for. The publication of my works. My experiences as a blogger and photographer were a big help to accomplish my goals. The errors that helped me to correct what I was doing wrong are the best teachers I ever had.

Whatever the miracle you are still hoping for, trust them to God. There is no hope without faith.

Thanks for reading guys. It means a lot to me. I appreciate every like I’ve got. And by the way, I am almost done pursuing one of my childhood dreams: song writing. If I manage my time right, I could be an aspiring song writer. That would be awesome.

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