Walking is Healthier

I was not a fan of walking. In fact, I hated it. A 2 stop bus drive was way too far for me and I would wait for the bus for 15 minutes just to avoid a 5-minute walk.

All was changed because of 1 simple routine change: cycling. Ever since I started to get my lazy bones shaking again, my legs searches for the habitual aching sensation. As if it has a mind of its own and starts to itch whenever I first start to walk down the street. And Strava’s Escape Plan works for me, too. It made me push my limits to achieve my everyday step goals. It was nice.

I was listening to a podcast called The Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial. While listening to his radio, I caught something that I am still thinking about. It said, “Make sure that what are doing now is something that gets you closer to your goal.” I had this small goal to be more active than I was before. And I wanted to lose a few lbs. Since those days, I started riding the bike. I thought I can still ride but it is getting colder so I started to walk a couple kilometers instead.

This september, I am on a challenge to workout 15 minutes everyday. But I am planning to walk 30 minutes a day from my house to the metro station and see what difference it can make to my health.

Update you all soon. Have a nice day!

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