Walk On Thin Line

Have you experienced walking straight on a thin line? I did. Just this afternoon.

I went to the bus stop in this hot temperature to climb up a Pullman with an air conditioner. My transportation arrived at least ten minutes after. I got inside and I felt the cold air sipping through my skin. Before I realize it is already the first day of the month, I forgot to pay for my monthly ticket. I did not want to be CHECKED again so I got off the bus and walked under the hot summer sun.

The shady parts were limited because it was only 1 o’clock in the afternoon and the sun is shining right above my head. I took the opportunity to search for a “Tabaccheria” (smoke shop and also where you can buy personal local bus tickets) near me. The first try was a mistake because I walked the opposite side. On the second try, it was already one kilometre away from where I got off. But the sad part was they accept cash only. And I didn’t have enough so I walked another five hundred meters to the nearest mall, which is the 8 Gallery. I have literally walked a thin line because the map said so.

After I get going, I decided to take a sit at the bookstore to find new books to read. At least the mall is air-conditioned. 30 minutes later, I went to my destination.

Lesson learned:

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