Viewing The Night Sky

The view. The night. The air. The love.

How much more can a night sky show us? With someone to share it with? Someone to write it with? Someone to show it with… Will it make the most beautiful art you could ever see? Will it lift your spirit when you realize that the most amazing things are those without limit and price?

To tell someone you love them and makes them smile… isn’t it the most wonderful sight you could ever see? The memories you’ve made, the moments you’ve shared. The air you breathe together… Why doesn’t everyone feel these most precious things in life? It’s all about the simple things in life which we ignore. We ignore them because the only thing we believe is most important couldn’t be seen in small things. Where we smile with pride but at the end of the day we are still afraid it will slip out our grip. Which gives us temporary satisfaction and are like comfort food. We’ll still want something from it. But those little things, those priceless things we don’t see every day… they’ll be the memories that stay…

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