My worst habit is doing things simultaneously.

Do you want to finish numerous task all at the same time? For example, you are about to work on some project and suddenly you realize you want to continue what you started five minutes ago. But then you really need to focus on one job and ended up playing games. I guess that’s only me.

My biggest concern is when my own mistakes bite back.

I came to run across some haunting words: oh no is better than what if. It means risking is more satisfying than regrets. A routine I need to practice more.

The best solution I can come up with right now (I also learned it from someone special) is to prioritize. There is no better option than to finish one chore at a time. You can pause. Take a break. Eat lunch. Sleep it out. But FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED. It gets better.

Anyways, some of the things I usually do in chorus are: write this journal, play Picross Tale, be a dependable mayor on my Sim City, read Manga, watch Netflix, think about tomorrow, and things like that.

Wish you enjoy reading now’s episode. See you again on the next blog. Bye!

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2 thoughts on “Unfocused

  1. that’s me.. but I manage to do them all and finish them on the last minute. it’s on everyone’s nerve that I put everything for the last minute..

    1. Ahahaha. Well, at least for you. You’re not fighting with your self will. My mind find ways to be distracted. I want to make things done but so much for constantly taking pauses for an excuse to distract myself in doing only ONE thing at a time. It’s just too boring.

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