Trust Your Insticts


Have you ever been lost in an unfamiliar place where you don’t have any idea where you’re going? Some would start to remember the day it happened. Others will just shrug and abandon the text. Most wouldn’t even read this sentence before leaving. It’s not an everyday situation but what if it happens to you, would you go back or would you trust your instincts?

Early yesterday morning, we had a school trip and I took a bus that stops near a rail bus station. I was traveling to a destination I’ve never been to (I’m a newbie traveler at that time). Of course, I did take the advantage of going out early in case of an emergency. Getting lost, for instance.

Luck strikes and the rail bus I’ve been expecting is not available. I saw a sign that says: “Route 4 – Restoration of car management on the normal path.”

And I was like, Yeah, thanks for the info. Now what? I don’t even know where that route was….”

For an unknown reason, my feet just walked away like it has a life of its own. But I kept telling myself, it’s okay. You have all the time in the world. If you ever get lost, you could just always go back.

After going on the opposite side and passing a block or two, I saw an upcoming near the station. It says “4”, then I was expecting, and I went inside without thinking. I just thought that maybe it’s going the wrong way, but then it’s facing the same route as the other one so I went for it.


It surrounds me so I texted a colleague about my problem. I even forwarded the photo of the sign I saw. He said it’s okay and that I just have to get off near the hospital. Well, my boyfriend knew all about it. I checked the maps on my phone and it said that I’m going on the right way. If I didn’t trust my instinct, I would have ended up asking people where the station is and, honestly, I’m a very shy person, so, that wouldn’t be easier for me.

Just when I thought of giving up, that’s when the miracle happens. Not only for this situation but also in life. You think it’s a dead-end but it’s not. There’s always a way.

There are millions of possibilities life could give us. Don’t just give up and go back. Go forward and move on. The destination will still be there, waiting.

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