Travelling With Longboard

There are different ways to enjoy your travel. You can go to your destination by driving your vehicle, riding a train, on an aeroplane, and even on a boat. But the fun part is how you travel when you get there.

You can walk, take the tour bus and rent a bike to travel faster. But for me, I am a free rider. I want to have a portable four-wheel alternative that I can use whenever I don’t feel like walking. My Longboard.

I have been dreaming of bringing my Longboard with me when we visit other cities. It has been an easier way for me to wander around a long-distance walk in the city centre. I have an I-can’t-walk-for-a-very-long-time disease and I am worried about it. The best solution is to bring my board with me and glide through the way with it.

There are places I cannot bring it with me. For example, in the swimming pool. I could use it while walking from the pool to the restaurant. But we travel with a motorcycle so I cannot hold two boards while sitting on the pillion (back passenger).

Yet, I can take it when we travel by train and bus. We can go to the beach and longboard our way to the shore. It is a good way to move from one place to another. The best part is that when it’s summer, cool air from the sea can wash our wary faces and sweaty armpits (ops).

I hope someday this summer, my dream may come true.

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