Trail Riding

I am not fond of bikes nor do I like trail riding. But what I found out today was a mind turning experience.

This was a free day. My bf and I went to a local trail area on the hillside of Turin, Italy. We climbed up a trail which is widely known as “Sentiero 16”. Though it was only halfway through the top, I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I suffered.

The bikes we used were a trail bike (Commencal Metatrail bike) and a downhill bike (Da Bomb DH bike).

First goal:

Go across Parco Valentino and into the gate of Sentiero 16.

The climb:

On the way to the gate, I practised on my gears. The-way-I-understand-ly speaking, I used the heaviest gear to climb. My boyfriend told me to use the lightest but I disagree. He gave up and told me to do what I know best.
I won.
I guess.

The regret:

My legs hurt a lot from climbing on the bike. I got off and climbed on foot.

While on top:

I tried my very first trail experience. It was not a disappointing descend, I can say.

And then we went on another trail, ascending on an infinite mountain. Until we stopped from a safe height: 200 meters above the ground. Not that safe, I know.

The drop:

Two times. I climbed down that last trail two times using both bikes.

When I used the Commencal bike, I didn’t have that much problem because I was comfortable with the bike. But the second time where I used the downhill bike, my knees hurt.

From trembling.

But I survived. I can say that a downhill bike is a dangerous bike, after all.

The price:

I was using the Da Bomb downhill bike for descending the hill after a two-hour long trail experience. It was a huge price I wouldn’t expect to enjoy.

My conclusion for this experience is: YOU WOULDN’T KNOW IF YOU WON’T TRY. So, before you say you don’t like something, try taking a risk to understand. If it turned out as you expect it to be, at least you tried. But if not, it will be a surprise you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

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