To All the Girls Who Stopped Believing in Love (an Open Letter)

To all the girls who stopped believing in love,

Let your doors open. It’s true you were hurt, down, and even broken. But you can still stand up and be stronger than you have been. You can be better than what you were. Love is not what you expect it to be. It is always present. Maybe it was not with the right people and not the perfect time. Be patient.

Let time heal you. Because we are not in control of every situation. You were hurt for a reason. The picture is too small for you to see in your condition. Try to make something out of your grief. Be expressive enough to learn from your mistakes and grow from your weaknesses. It is not as easy as you might think. Be persistent.

Let your lungs breathe. You were stuck in a jar for too long. Memories of the past interfere with your inner peace. Break the glass and scatter what’s keeping you drowned. Move on from what you were badly accustomed to. If it keeps you from flying, remove the ropes and soar just as you are supposed to do. Be free.

Lastly, let it be. Someone somewhere will catch your eyes. They might be what you look for, or what you are not. But know that this journey will not be what you expect. Surprises will come your way. But it will all be worth it. As you learn to love yourself, someone will bring it to you. Believe.

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