This Is It!

The Ultimate Surprise


This Sunday, 2019 September 22, I was surprised by my boyfriend’s unexpected proposal. He was planning it for the whole month of September and I had no idea.

August 2019, we went to Diano Marina with my bf, his brother and his brother’s wife and son. We talked about marriages and proposals. Then I tried to talk about some “shiny rocks” I would like to have. In the car on our way back home, I thought of possible surprise proposals that my boyfriend could make me. I told them that I wanted it near a pool with flower petals and fireworks in the sky. That I want them to plan something that I wouldn’t know about.


When the proposal ended, they told me that the Youth Ministry in our church is one of the “kasabwats” (meaning accomplices) and the plan has already started on the 1st week of September without me having ANY CLUE ABOUT IT. Half our church knew about the surprise and I didn’t suspect anything. It was hidden carefully.

He likes her and he put a ring on her.

Kc, one of the youth I lead told me they had a group chat including all the other members about the surprise they are going to give me in that exact date. I didn’t suspect any of them because they did not talk to me about anything. When I read their conversation, I was shocked because my bf did not hesitate to ask them a favour and the best part is THEY COOPERATED TOGETHER LIKE A REAL GROUP! I am happy about that.

But overall, it was a nice experience as a woman. My maiden stage is almost complete because of this proposal. It was the best thing that has happened to me. BRIDE-TO-BE. <3


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