Things not Forgiven

How can someone forgive a person who continuously disappoints them?

I had my own ups and downs. Mistakes were made. I have been forgiven too many times and I don’t deserve it. Though forgiveness is harder to give than to receive.

The weight carried by the guilt is heavier. When you don’t know what to do because there is not much to do anymore. You can feel your heart sink as the argument tornadoes on your mind. Conscience kills you slowly. You are just standing there. Everything rushes back to you. Did you make the right decisions?

Self-realization seems the right way to do it. Acceptance starts with yourself. You did what you know was right and if you made a mistake, learn from it.

I guess there are things that are not forgiven so easily. It takes time. Rewrite your drafts. Make them better. You wrote your own story and the next thing you can do is to pick up the pieces and make them beautiful. (actually, I saw that line from Defender by UpperRoom – link below).

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