They Made a Fool Out of Me

This was my experience: I did what I have to do. Everyone who saw knew it all along. But one person wants to make a fool out of me.

I became mad for what that one person has done. Not long, I cursed them and wished them bad things. I was about to punch their face right on the spot. Then I thought about the consequences of what they have done and it was not on them. It was on me.

But I realized something. Maybe if it wasn’t because of what happened, I wouldn’t even be writing right now. Perhaps there was a better reason to calm down than to go berserk.

We see these things as bad omens for us.
When something undesirable happens, 
we complain,
then we hate,
sometimes we mumble,
and we knot our eyebrows,
we clench our fists,
still, we bit our lips.
Then our hearts crumble.

But is it worth the effort? Can we make time go back just to avoid the situation? It’s not like everyone wanted what had happened when it happens.

The end results vary on everybody’s choices. Even if we wanted to do things our way, it won’t ever be as perfect as what we imagined. Forgive and forget. It’s what life’s game is all about. You play or not, what’s done is done.

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