They Called

There was this day at noon. I was going about my daily chores when someone called me on my phone. *ring… ring…*

“Hello? Who’s this?”

“Miss Eloise? Is this miss Eloise?” a woman’s faint voice whispered on the other line. I startled as she says my name. Why do I have a feeling I’ve heard it somewhere?

“Yes. Sorry but, do I know you?”

She started to cough away from the phone. “No. I mean, yes. I’m not sure if you remember me but we already met at the market yesterday.”

“I apologize, ma’am, but I don’t really remember meeting someone.”

“Oh…” her voice trembled and she said goodbye. The call ended.

This was the weirdest thing that has happened to me after I thought I was being followed the other day. Is it coincidence?

The day went on normally for a week. No weird feelings and weird calls. After seven long days, I heard the doorbell rang. The woman on the phone suddenly showed up on my doorstep with her market bag on her shoulders.

“We need to talk about your true identity.”

I’m currently writing a short novel about a girl named Eloise. Her true self is yet to be unfolded. She was found as a baby in a wiped out town, covered in blanket, crying. But her past is a mystery. This was only a teaser about what’s going to happen.

I don’t know where to put the story. I’m planning to create one on this site but you can always visit me on Wattpad. (I had it since 2014 but stopped writing novels because the story I was about to finish was not my life anymore.)

Hope you like it. Please send me feedbacks and opinions about my story. Thank you!

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