There is Light After Dark

I didn’t know it was possible that after the dark there will ALWAYS be light.

My stress level in the last seven days was at its peak. There were several bad experiences that I purposely IGNORED. I get to think about too many things that my body didn’t want any additional nonsense.

There was the disappearance of my cat, which was the worst. On that week, for the first time, he ran out (Wednesday, July 10) a few days before I was the song leader of our Praise and Worship activity at our church (Sunday, July 14). After a day of his adventure, he returned home (Thursday, July 11). But then he got out that night and never came back the next day.

Since he came back home at first, I thought he would come back again. I was waiting inside the house for a few days. No one jumped down of the house.

Then Saturday came.

I thought I would burst my mind out for no reason because of some personal nonsense argument. I get to see that my cat didn’t come back home from wherever he went and get to hear some mean words. It was important to me that I have someone to talk to the next days. (Thanks love)

In the afternoon of Saturday, July 13, it was the rehearsal of our Music Ministry for the PnW the next morning. I was not aware of everyone’s problem but mine. Then I said mean things I was not supposed to say. At that moment, I didn’t know what had happened to me that I forgot to keep my cool. I get to say sorry to everyone and for my attitude and the day went okay. Then I surrendered everything to the Lord when Sunday came. The PnW went good.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… I didn’t do anything to find my cat. All I have ever think about was maybe he found a home. Maybe he found a cat wife and then married her. Or just a thought, maybe he was already out of the area and was outside of the town. I don’t know. On these days, I was having a feeling in my guts that I need to get inside the houses and call for him there. Maybe he was hiding in one of their houses.

Until Thursday came…

July 18. It was then that it occurs to me that maybe, just maybe, he is still out there looking for me. Looking for someone he knows. He is a timid cat after all. I know him that he will not come up to people just because they want him to. It took me a whole night just to take him out of his hiding spot when he was still a little kitten. He would find somewhere hidden. Somewhere under.

I was checking up on my previous blogs at my boyfriend’s laptop that day. The balcony door was open. I heard a cat cry so I walked out of the door and talked back. Then I heard a response. I continued to talk to him. We had a good conversation until it stopped.

From that moment, I decided to go from house to house and go back to the balcony to talk to him and then back down the stairs and into the surrounding buildings just to talk to him. I did that for more than an hour. I also checked the rooftop of the building to trace where he could go. There were dead ends and limited space for him to roam around. My suspect is that if he was not on the roof, he could be at someone’s house nearby.

My reinforcements (my boyfriend, his brother, and his brother’s wife and son) came to help me rescue my Manaw. When they heard what I heard on the balcony, they told me they did not know who that was. But I know it is him. Then we decided to go to the other building.

When we went inside the gate of that next building, my bf’s brother heard a soft meow somewhere. We went near the door and there he was under the opening of an underground basement. We opened a somewhat window and there he was. Crying for help. When he saw me he was happy. I know it.

I need to get him out of there but I cannot get in because the opening wasn’t made for human. He can get out there by himself but there were people outside that he did not trust. I took my hands inside of the opening and tried to reach him. He knew what he was doing and poked his head out. I took him on his neck and forced him to get out of there. He was hesitant at first because he can hear other people outside. I got him closer to my chest and we covered his eyes with our hands so that he wouldn’t be scared.

When we got to the house, we put him in the room where he is somewhat familiar. Then we gave him food and water. I left him for a while to buy some cat collar. It was supposed to be a strainer for him but he didn’t want to be tied up. He is a free cat after all. So the strap was useless. But he got a vest on. I stayed with him until 10 in the evening. It was already late but he needed someone he trusts to stay with him for a while.

The next day…

(Friday, July 19) which is this day, I went to visit them at 10 in the morning. They were doing fine. But as yesterday went, my 2 cats did not come into good terms, YET. I hope they will again. My other cat, her name is Muning, took the house for herself and claimed the throne of being the alpha. At least that was according to my bf. I could see that Manaw was submitting to Muning, which is odd because as far as I know, it was the other way around.

I just want everything to go back to normal. Yes, I know it won’t be. But they should be okay with each other.

But still, there is a light. He came back to me after doubting he could. There was the sign I was looking for. Maybe he was the one talking to me that day or another cat. But I was so thankful about that small cat voice as if talking to me that my Manaw is safe and needed saving. If it wasn’t for that cat, I wouldn’t still have seen him. Let alone know if he could survive another night sad and alone.

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