The World of Dreams

I fell for the world of dreams, again. This time, I dreamt about my teeth falling.

They were not normal teeth. Instead of light and boney teeth, they were dark-coloured tooth-shaped blocks that felt like wood. I took one tooth out and others came out with it. After a while still in the dream, I took the other side out and the same thing happened. Teeth came out with the tooth I pulled out. Until I decided to remove every single one of them. I grabbed and pulled them onto the floor. The worst part was when I removed everything out of my mouth, there was a big pile of dark teeth laying on the ground. Before I’d catch where they are giving it all, I woke up.

Before getting up from bed, I surfed the internet for the meaning of my dream. Scientifically. The results varied from one meaning to another until one phrase caught my eyes.

Maybe I did or say something I do not feel comfortable with that I want to take out of my life. This morning, my friends wanted to go to the swimming pool. They only told me 10 hours prior. I already have my own appointments and plans for today, long before anyone invited me anywhere. So, I’ve made my choice and decided to let the opportunity pass. I hope they’d understand me.

It happened to me last time when I’ve already said yes to go with my friends and then cancelled last minute because of personal issues. The problem is that I didn’t have my own decisions then. I don’t want it to happen again.

Lesson learned when I realize that it doesn’t matter what others think about your choices. What matters is how you decided for yourself. Because at the end of the day, only you control your life.

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