The Princess and The King – Bellarke

Ship from: The 100 – Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin as Bellarke love story

Disclaimer: Photos and gifs are not mine. Credits to owners of Bellarke fans. (some from google)

We are talking about the King and his Princess…

Two lost hearts trying to find a way to each other… But it seems like they are not meant to be together…

They started as rivals. They are antagonistic towards each other and they don’t agree with everything. He is controlling. She just wants her people to survive.

Now, he won’t let anything bad happen to her.

Their hearts tell them they’re made for one another but their minds tell otherwise. The feeling is mutual.

He’s the King. She’s the Princess. Enough to keep them apart. But how can the feelings they felt for each other blocked by this world full of crap? It’s so unfair.

She held him in her arms like nobody else can take that moment away from her…

He realizes that it’s all her. That’s his Princess. The love of his life…

Octavia: “Now there’s something I thought I’d never see.”

The way he looks at her…

She is all he has ever dreamt of. He wishes her to be his. All of her.

A thing that won’t ever happen. She’s into someone else. Someone who could break her heart.

Someone that the King is not.

She’s with someone who can make her smile…

Even though she knows that he’s not who she’s meant to be… And never will be…

She is searching for herself. The Princess chose to leave them.

But… That won’t stop the King from saving his Princess. He would be something HE IS NOT just to see her. Face to face. He cares so much for Clarke. He would die for her.

And she feels the same…

She cares for him. She keeps on telling herself that she’s strong enough yet she’s not without him.

They have been together from the start.

Only distance can separate them. They are made for each other and they don’t realize it.

He is an angel in disguise. Looking at her, he is vulnerable, he is a person.

She’s the only one who can make him who he is. She knows he is worth fighting for.

They are meant to be together. In our dreams. In our hearts.

They will always be Bellarke.

No one’s going to take that away from us.

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