The Outlaw Couple

I was curious who Bonnie and Clyde were. These names came out from some songs I’ve heard. In my opinion at first, they were a normal couple who happened to be popular because of their cunning love story. I was wrong. The duo were not just “a normal couple”. They were criminals.

As I recall what I’ve learned about them, they’ve spread shock among American citizens with their gang during the Great Depression. They preferred to rob small stores and local gas stations despite their widespread news about dozens bank robberies.

The story…

Bonnie and Clyde’s story was not a typical young couple story of the 20th century. Bonnie Parker was already married when she was fourteen years old. Her husband was soon sent to jail. After quite a long time, Bonnie turned eighteen and she crossed path with Clyde. Even though she was married with another man, the two lost birds found a home in each other’s arms. Clyde was a year older than Bonnie.

Long story short, tragedies after incidents after accidents later about their love story, they ended up being ambushed by government shooters. Clyde was shot in the head causing a sudden death. According to my research, Bonnie screamed so loud and then came multiple gun shots that caused their impossible escape. Which then caused a national news to spread among families, friends and strangers alike.


It was such a tragedy that I thought it was the reason they were popular. I was drawn to their story that I can almost see what happened just by reading it. Then a thought came to me: a story that can touch the readers’ hearts is a masterpiece.

One more thing, after reading the story of Bonnie and Clyde and their own mishaps and big adventures, I read a poem Bonnie wrote while in prison. (link below). I was inspired again.

Suicide Sal by Bonnie Parker

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