The Only Thing That Can Silence My Mind Is You

Thoughts of destruction wrap my head.
Trust and hope are shattered.
I don’t even know what to do anymore.

I’m motionless…
My limbs are numb from exhaustion.
I can’t move. Not even a hair.
Perhaps this is a negative thought?

I don’t know what to do.
Since the day I decided to stop moving,
The last thing I want is to cry.

I guess you’re right…
You, only, can silence my shattered mind.
Like a white noise, you deafen me.
How dare you interrupt?

Keep it…
Forget about the past, I am well aware.
But for my sake, this is the cost.
Let’s share this unpredictable.

My love…
I know how this sounds.
Believe in me, it’s not unbearable.
Should I misunderstand this?

You know…
It’s the only way we can have it all.
My only chance of surviving this curse.
I’ve decided to put it all to end.

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