The Most Complicated Rule to Follow

I’ve learned a lot of rules in writing but one I stood up the most: be simple.

People already have their own complicated things to deal with. They don’t have time for a prolonged story that can be summarized to a minimal. The most complicated rule to follow is to become simpler.

I cannot promise to be as simple as possible because I enjoy complicating things. There were times I needed to say more than I have to share because I thought the story would be better with branches and thorns to deal with. I tend to overshare and I want to change that attitude.

For example, in composing a song it is better to be as simple as possible. It is much appreciated if others can sing it as well as you, because what good can a song be if it is not singable?
Another is when you explain in front of children. They do not understand deep words and strong explanations. An image can say a thousand words already.

Although simple is better, there are always people who appreciate the bigger picture. The ones who love to hear more about the things they are curious about. I practice more and more each day to be better at making things to be simpler. Yet, success comes when there is a will.

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