The Look Of Pain


One of the most impressive things about fathers is that they don’t easily get emotional. They don’t want to show it to their children or even their wives, most especially when they have had enough. They want to LOOK strong… to BE strong for their family.

Dads keep on reminding us what we need to know. Just so they make us grow by telling us our responsibilities.

And if we made a really good job, they often give us rewards such as giving an extra pocket-money and excusing about receiving an extra pay at work, even when they don’t even have something to put on their own pockets.

If we have done something they didn’t want, they scold us for covering the pain they felt. They want us to learn. They want us to see what is there for us. And seeing their children disobey them is a distress. Of course, we couldn’t see it. We don’t even care sometimes. Why? Because we don’t see them cry. We don’t see them being quiet thinking about their children who don’t even care how they feel.

We always see them as an angry dad who gets angry all the time… As a dad without emotions… As a man who only cares for himself… One thing is that they don’t tell us they notice. The look of pain reveals something about them. Even if we ignore it, they only care for us. They love us.

Yes, they aren’t perfect, as all human ever could be. They could have different characters. They have different ways of disciplining their young.

No dads are the same. But one thing is for sure, they love us for who we were, who we are or who we’ll ever be. It’s not about how they show us but because they have it in their hearts. We just have to see it through their eyes.

How couldn’t we see all of these great things about them?

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