The Dog Got Me Good

Sometimes, I do not understand dogs. How they think and how they interact with people especially their owner. The weirdest thing about today was that our doge did not understand what I was going through.

First of all, when I got out of the house, I walked about ten minutes to get to the grocery store. There, I bought three x20 litter plastic and went home with a stroller. I arrived at the park to let the doge finish its business.

The best part was yet to come. As I was going back home, one of the wheels of the cart was broken. I could not move the cart so I have decided to remove everything from it and moving them on a grocery back.

Unfortunately, our doge wanted to go home so as I was carrying 15 kg of litter plastics I needed to pull him too. The weight of everything was given to me.

My hand already felt tired and my mind was ready to explode. That was when I realize I needed to teach the doge how to be CALM and COLLECTED. When we’ve reached the stairs, I left the bag filled with cat litter inside the grocery back. I thought that if I am going to stop the doge from pulling me around, I would not get tired. So I took one 5kg out of three and climb up with the doge. Then I locked them inside the house and went down to get the rest of the litter.

Today was a good day. After a long afternoon and a doge pulling me everywhere, I did get a good company from my bf. I also ate doughnuts so I guess I am okay.

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