The Bigger Picture

From these few years of practising Photography, I already have my own personal preferences.

I restarted handling a photo camera last 2016. From that time, I have considered myself an aspiring photographer. Here are some of my photos in 2016:

I experimented from detail photography to portrait to nature and creative photography. There were times I failed and times I like the results. I didn’t stop though. My photography game continued in 2017.

Street photography

In this year, I have been choosing from details to street. Nothing won.

Then comes 2018 when I started my Photography Project (link here). I started with a random photo in the first month. Then I experimented my way through different categories and I gained experience through the project.

My main goal was to maximize my capability to capture any photo using only one lens and a decent photo editor (vsco).

I tried doing portrait photography.

Then macro photography.

And finally, I stumbled on another level of street photography. I have never enjoyed capturing photos in my entire Photography Life.

Improved street photography

I intended doing it for a full 365 days but the process was too overwhelming. The school was one problem and editing was the other. Doing it every single day drained my time.

I stopped at nature photography because I totally suck at it. Here are some of the examples:

Nature photography

I thought everything looks the same. I got tired of it and stopped. That was the worst decision I have ever made. It just proves how lazy I am. But the photography business I started did not stop there.

I am still trying new things and using techniques that I’ve learned from the past months. It was not in vain.

Other Street Photography

I admit. Most of my photos did not reach the highest standard of an aspiring photographer but I am proud of all the memories I made with all of them. The mistakes I made triggered a “do make more” button on my heart. I do not intend to stop believing that I would someday inspire people to take photos and make their own impressions out of it.

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