Tetris, My All Time Favorite

Blocks of fours fall from the sky. Fingers placed on the arrow keys, spacebar and letter “c”. The urge to knock out the enemy with every blow of cleared lines. Hoping that the energy bar is still glowing with batteries. No 90’s kids did not experience this famous game. That’s Tetris for y’all.

This classic game is one of the many arcade pastimes I used to play as a kid. There was and still is a game on Facebook for all those itchy fingers out there. Tetris is a time-wrecker, an enjoyable time killer and an addictive game for every person who loves to play with blocks.

I have played a great number of matches with friends online. There were times I got dismayed and a lot of times I claimed the victory. I climbed up the ladder of top lists with my bare hands (literally speaking). As time goes by, I decided to play in other playing areas such as www.s8.com, arcades online and other gaming stations. There were different keyboard actions and I can modify them for my comfort. But unfortunately, I stopped playing because of the lack of time and passion for the game. It comes and goes. I couldn’t take away the urge to play even if it was not the real game I used to play.

It is still one of my best game options and I will play it again and again.

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