Talented People are the Saddest


Let me explain to you why talented people are the saddest.

Say, you are good at playing several instruments (e.g. Bass Guitar and Keyboards) and you want to be good at them all. Theoretically, instruments follow the same rules but they are not played with the same methods. Guitars and Keyboards use the same chords but different handling styles. The problem is that you can only master one instrument. It means YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE.

Another example is when you love writing. You want to write a novel. And you love writing songs. And you are fond of writing an article. But since writing is a broad talent, you have to stick to one style to finish one (I can relate to this problem in a religious way).

My blog is not about one thing only. It is a combination of poems, composed songs, daily journals, articles, Photography projects, rants, topical blogs, and not I am starting an ongoing short-story called Living the Past. That is why my blog does not have a specific goal. It has become a personal portfolio with random objects to read. Which, by the way, a disadvantage for me because readers may or may not like a blog I post and they won’t navigate through my website deeper as I would have wanted them to.

I love singing. And I swear, I LOVE PLAYING THE BASS. But I cannot sing while playing the Bass guitar. So when I started to be one of the Song Leaders of our church’s Music Ministry, I struggled so much that I need to give up playing MY instrument just so I can concentrate on singing. And it hurts my heart. I have to be patient and learn how to combine my two favourite things to do.

The fourth situation is when you love sports (e.g. Longboard) but you want to take photos using your big a** photo camera. You cannot do them together because they both require different mind concentration activity. One needs your body movements and energy. The other needs your mind and creativity. And one thing, you cannot carry loads of sh*t on your bag while on the board. The same thing for photography, you won’t get decent photos while riding on a board in motion now, can you?

My conclusion is that the more things you know, the more exhausted you become. Choosing, for one, is the most challenging part. You want to do everything but your body is limited.

There is one solution though. It is to combine your talents and make it one. For example, I love writing and singing. And I want to play it with the bass. But I am riding my longboard. I can write a song while on my board and sing it with my bass.

Easier said than done.

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