Living the Past

You look back and everyone you know seems to fade away. As if they did not exist to begin with. What if one day you realized you were living the wrong life? The adventure begins when a meteor suddenly hit the place you’re living in. Sixteen years passed by and everything was a lie. Your… More Living the Past

Sometimes we fight

Remember when… Sometimes we fightAnd I still love you for that.It’s not because of hatebut because we care. Sometimes we cryand I’m okay with that.You open up to melike nobody would dare. Sometimes we partbut still, meet in a trove.Life’s a maze but,we always find each other. Sometimes we hatebut often times we love.We love each… More Sometimes we fight

Soaked in Rainfall

What I like the most about rainfall is being hushed. Disguised. Masked. It won’t let anybody see what is the desire of the heart. Not even a single flask.Soaked in Rainfall will this soul be. Afraid to find shelter, embracing what’s asked.“Live a life,” they said. But how could it be? Around the corner of a… More Soaked in Rainfall